Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy

Crypto technical analysis made easy!

Cryptocurrency technical analysis often appears to newcomers as complex beyond the realm of possible understanding. This is simply not true! It has been my experience that in fact, not only is chart reading a simple, and profitable skill to acquire, it's also a highly enjoyable pastime!

Inside the Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy (CT2A), I show the tools and methodologies I use when doing the technical analysis I upload to YouTube, and use for my own trading.

This course includes:

- A detailed walkthrough of Tradingview, the charting software we'll be using.

- Individual technical indicators used by top analysts and traders.

- The fundamentals of markets, and why they move as they do.

- Core concepts of technical analysis.

- Guidelines for developing a strong gut feeling - One of the most important tools for an analyst.

- An ever-improving experience updated based on your feedback.

- Access to Crypto Jebb for clarification, explanation, and support.

- And far more!

Your Instructor

Crypto Jebb
Crypto Jebb

I am a Cryptocurrency technical analyst, a Cryptocurrency YouTuber, and a long time Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiast.

I've been in this market for long enough to experience a Bitcoin bull run, bear market, all time highs, and everything in-between. Through experience, daily technical analysis, interaction with the great cryptocurrency community, and uncountable hours of research, I've managed to build a full time income, and an amazing following here in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

I speak from the heart when I say that the day I discovered Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency space, my life irreversibly changed for the better. I knew in that instant that I would never be the same man again, although I did not yet know the magnitude of the experience. Within an hour of hearing the word "Bitcoin", I was setting up new email accounts, exchange accounts, moving funds around, subscribing to prominent cryptocurrency YouTubers, and trying to learn as much as I possibly could, as fast as I possibly could.

My life had changed, and I knew it.

That was over a year ago, and I've been studying the cryptocurrency ecosystem every single day since. On November 16th, 2017, I uploaded the first video to the Crypto Jebb channel titled "Is Bitcoin Overextended?". As it turns out, Bitcoin was overextended, but it would be exactly one month and a day until December 17th, 2017 for Bitcoin to set $20,000 as a concrete all time high.

Ever since watching Bitcoin hit $20,000 live, I've been aggressively growing the YouTube channel, and seeking to grow myself as a technical analyst, trader, and investor in the space. These investments in myself have paid dividends, and my journey as a YouTuber has only further solidified my position that the best investment one can make, is one in themselves.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
Access to the Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy begins immediately after payment is completed and lasts until.... Forever! Once you join CT2A you will be a member permanently.
Can I pay with cryptocurrency?
Yes. Though Teachable does not accommodate for cryptocurrency payments, if you contact me at [email protected] with the subject header "TA Course Cryptocurrency Payment", I will happily resolve it manually. Note that I prefer Bitcoin payments, and since the process is manual, it may take some time for me to get back to you.
Who can I contact if I have an issue or question?
You can contact me at any time for any reason via the comments section under any video, or via my email [email protected] I'm always here for clarification and support!

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